The Goodwill Digital Career Accelerator®, a partnership between Goodwill and Google, is paying off for hundreds of thousands of job seekers

Working Nation, a nonprofit, solutions-oriented media and journalism organization focused on the nation's labor crisis, recently highlighted the Goodwill Digital Career Accelerator® as a pathway to in-demand tech industry jobs.

Their report includes a short film, Glory in Overcoming, which follows the journey of three single moms - Kara, Shareera and Chelsea. Working through the Goodwill Digital Career Accelerator program at Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee, the women were able to earn their way to rewarding tech careers and better provide for their families.

" ... thanks to a partnership with some of the biggest names in tech, more than 1.5 million people have upgraded their digital and tech skills through the Goodwill Digital Career Accelerator® (GDCA), a training program designed in partnership with Google and made possible by funding from

To date, has supported the training program with over $29 million in cash and ad grants and 1,000 Googler volunteers who have taught classes for people employed and served by Goodwill, have helped conduct research, and co-developed resources and tools, explains Google. ...

The program meets learners where they are at, offering many levels of hands-on training, from basic digital awareness and navigation through training for Google Career Certificates. Those employer-vetted certificates equip people with job-ready skills for in-demand entry-level careers in fields like data analytics, IT, and, most-recently, cybersecurity. ... "

Watch the film and read the full report at Working Nation

Visit Goodwill of the Heartland's Goodwill Digital Career Accelerator / Grow With Google page to learn more about the program and to request additional information. An Automation with Python course begins on May 23, and a UX Design course is scheduled for next month.

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