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Why are we one of the best charities to donate to? There are many reasons, but first and foremost is this: When you donate clothing, furniture, household goods and more to Goodwill, you create jobs for people who might not otherwise be able to find work. Learn more about whom we serve and What We Do.

Donating to Goodwill is free and easy. Bring your items to any of our convenient locations during regular business hours. Oh, and did we mention donations are tax deductible?

COVID-19 donation policy:  Our public health policies are intended to keep people in our communities and our team members as safe as possible. Decisions are made based on state and local laws and as well as best practices outlined by leading public health organizations, such as the Centers for Disease Control and local health departments.

Illinois shoppers and donors are required by state law to wear masks. Iowa shoppers and donors are strongly encouraged to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status. All Goodwill of the Heartland team members are required to wear a mask while on duty.

Goodwill ACCEPTS the following items

Green Light
  • Accessories: Shoes, belts, scarves, jewelry
  • Antiques and collectibles: Specialty items can be offered through our online auction site,
  • Artificial Christmas Trees
  • Clothing: All sizes, styles, and conditions. Clothing not suitable for resale can be recycled.
  • Computers: Bring computers and computer-related peripherals to any Goodwill store or donation bin. Newer computers and laptops that are in good working order may be re-sold in our Iowa City store. Click here for more information about computer donations. Non-working computers and monitors will be accepted and recycled. There is no fee to drop off those items at Goodwill.
  • Electronics (EXCEPT for televisions): Consumer electronics in good working condition. This includes alarm clocks, radios, stereo equipment, etc. but not televisions.
  • Home Decor: Portraits/frames, candles, fake floral and vases, and baskets
  • Housewares: Dishes and glassware, fans, lamps, furniture: in good condition and without heavy stains. Please see the list of furniture and household items we WILL NOT accept below.
  • Media: Books, CDs, cassettes, videos, DVDs
  • Sporting goods: Such as balls, baseball bats, rackets, cleats, etc.
  • Toys: Stuffed animals, dolls, games, puzzles

Goodwill DOES NOT ACCEPT these items

Red Light

(Due to recall and/or environmental concerns.)

  • Any item needing repair, except computers
  • Ammunition, weapons, including replicas
  • Automotive parts, including tires, batteries, motors
  • Baby gear, including furniture, car seats, strollers, high chairs, etc.
  • Box springs and mattresses
  • Bowling balls
  • Building materials: glass, doors, window frames, scrap lumber, metal, etc.
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Fireworks
  • Hazardous materials, including liquid cleaners, paints, detergents, fertilizers, weed killers, chemicals, motor oil, etc.
  • Helmets (bicycle, motorcycle, etc.)
  • Industrial copiers
  • Large appliances, including refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, humidifiers/dehumidifiers, microwaves, dishwashers, trash compactors, console stereos, water heaters, space heaters, fireplaces
  • Large metal desks and other office equipment
  • Lawn mowers
  • Miscellaneous outdoor equipment and grills
  • Pianos (Acoustic) & Organs
  • Plumbing fixtures: sinks, shower stalls, toilets
  • Sleeper furniture, hide-a-beds
  • Televisions of any kind
  • Waterbeds
  • Wheelchairs
  • Worn furniture of any kind in poor condition or with any stains


Consult with your area Goodwill store if you have questions about a potential donation. Many communities also offer alternative recycling resources for many of the items we cannot accept like the Solid Waste Agency. Many local landfills have recycling programs for household hazardous waste. Police departments can provide information on safe disposal of weapons and ammunition. Habitat for Humanity re-sale stores may accept your building materials and plumbing fixtures.

Local Donation Centers: Where can I donate?

Tax-Deductible Donation Information

For more information on possible tax deductions for your donations, visit the IRS website for detailed information. Goodwill cannot set fair market value for your items.

Here’s a handy resource guide provided by the IRS to help you do so.

Consult a qualified tax professional with any questions you might have regarding charitable donations.

Goodwill Tax Exemption Certificate #42-0923563