Heartland Goodwill Enterprises (HGE) is a nonprofit organization established by Goodwill of the Heartland in 2013 to create jobs for people with significant disabilities through the AbilityOne program.

AbilityOne is the largest source of employment for people with disabilities by providing products and services to the Federal Government.


75 %

Direct labor needed to be performed by people with significant disabilities.

46,000 +

Employed people with disabilities

3,000 +

Employed veterans and Wounded Warriors

500 +

Participating nonprofits including many Goodwill organizations

Heartland Goodwill Enterprises is proud to announce our vegetable oil packaging facility is now operational. With 63,000 square feet of processing and storage space, we are uniquely positioned to grow our edible oil and liquid packaging operations.


In addition, our federal contracts include providing custodial services for notable government buildings like the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and the federal courthouse in Davenport, Iowa.


At Goodwill, our mission is to help people reach their full potential through education, training and the power of work. This packaging plant represents a substantial expansion of our commitment to this mission, while also having a positive impact on the Iowa economy. Not to mention having a larger footprint by assisting federal food programs and creating jobs through the AbilityOne Program.

Beyond our existing federal contract with the USDA, we are eager to add additional partners who need the capabilities we offer. Our state-of-the-art packaging plant was designed by engineers with broad industry experience serving customers like Heinz, Nestle, Kraft and General Mills. Our plant leadership has 56 years of combined food operations experience. We are also located close to some of the world's largest soy oil refineries operated by ADM, Cargill and AGP.

If these are capabilities your company is looking for, contact Jessica Schamberger at (319) 739-5019. Or email her at jschamberger@goodwillheartland.org