Connecting People with Jobs

Looking for dedicated, hard-working members of your team? Let us be your “go to” resource.

People trained by Goodwill are eager to work and demonstrate attitudes and abilities that help them become valued employees.

What sort of tasks do Goodwill workers complete? They work as aides, custodians, receptionists, cashiers, assemblers, data- entry clerks, food service workers, retail clerks, and hospitality workers – plus many other positions too numerous to mention.

Goodwill works to match businesses with the right workers. Job shadowing and work site assessments are a part of the placement process. You will see how our workers perform in the work environment as they gain an understanding of what the job involves.

Our involvement doesn’t end when you make the decision to hire. Goodwill job coaches provide on-going training to ensure our workers succeed and you are completely satisfied with their performance.

Goodwill also offers specific training to help participants gain industry-recognized credentials in a wide array of specialties. These include information technology, hospitality, customer service, food service and custodial.

2019 Edgar Employment Achiever Nominee Ashley at Collins Rd. Wendy's in Cedar Rapids
Aaron at Forest Ridge Apartments

Goodwill's Recruitment Services Save Businesses Time and Money:

  • Employees are pre-screened
  • You save money on the interviewing and hiring process
  • Your business enjoys good hires and increased job retention
  • We provide entry-level to advanced position placement
  • We provide workers eager to fill seasonal and part-time openings
  • You can take advantage of potential tax credits by hiring someone with a disability
  • Your business becomes more diverse, potentially increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • You project a positive community image by employing under-served populations

Sound like a “win-win” proposition?

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