The Corridor Spotlight Podcast: Danielle Priebe, Goodwill of the Heartland

Goodwill of the Heartland was recently featured on The Corridor Spotlight Podcast, hosted by Stefan Christensen and highlighting the stories and voices shaping eastern Iowa.

"Did you know that Goodwill was more than just a second-hand clothing store?" Christensen asked as part of his introduction. "In this interview with Danielle, we discover some of their great resources for employers and employees!"

Danielle Priebe, one of Goodwill's Strategic Partnership Specialists, sat down with Christensen to discuss some of the ways Goodwill of the Heartland enhances the local workforce and helps people reach their full potential.

"We are a great resource for businesses," Danielle explained. "We can take a lot off their plate" by offering the certifications and training services their teams need.

Christensen said, "One of the hurdles I expect you run into is a lot of businesses think 'Oh, it's just another recruiter trying to sell me something,' but you don't charge businesses for this, right?"

"We don't," Priebe confirmed. "What's really nice too is anyone that's gone through any of our skills training can be paired with one of our Career Navigators ... to find that right job, make sure their resume is good, make sure they've received needed training."

Career Navigators, she added, are tapped into the local workforce, which helps with identifying local needs from a skills perspective. Such insights can help steer learners into high-demand fields.