Helms Career Center offers 'life-changing experience'

Helms Career Center - Keokuk Iowa

Services provided through our Helms Career Center in Keokuk were recently highlighted in the Daily Gate City:

"A service to the public that is not very well known can be found in an office to the rear of the Keokuk Goodwill store – the Helms Career Center. Named after Edgar J. Helms, who founded Goodwill Industries in 1902, its services are free to the public and local businesses. The services center around assisting employers by connecting them with qualified applicants, and offering job seekers resources and skill development opportunities.

Calvin Stevens is the career service advisor at the Keokuk Career Center. 'This can be a life-changing experience,' said Stevens. 'Anyone who walks through the door can find the help they need to succeed – for free.' ... "

A program participant, Tara Page, also spoke with journalist Richard Wilson about her experiences with the Helms Career Center. Following a workforce shift, Tara suddenly found herself without a job and quite shocked that her more than 30 years of employment hadn't prepared her for the technological skills she needed.

Although the Trades Act made her eligible to attend college, computer-based admission testing limited her ability to do so.

"After 30 minutes I left," Tara said. "I felt dumb and worthless, and that's not how anyone should feel."

Tara learned about the Helms Career Center and stopped in. Now she's learning about computers with no out-of-pocket cost. So far, she's earned four computer certifications, including computer basics.