Goodwill Is Your Halloween Headquarters

When you visit Halloween Headquarters at your local Goodwill Store you'll find the latest costumes, trends, home decor and accessories at a fraction of retail costs. This is because we blend the best of donated and new goods to provide shoppers ultimate variety.

Whether you want to build a costume from scratch or grab and go, Goodwill team members are ready to help. And, no matter what the upcoming spooky days hold, you can bask in the knowledge that your Goodwill purchases start new lives. In fact, 87 cents of every dollar spent at Goodwill of the Heartland stores is reinvested in your community through a variety of life and job skill programs. Because of you, we help military veterans reintegrate into civilian life, offer professional certification programs to workers hoping to advance their careers, provide assessments to young workers just starting out, and collaborate with local partners to ensure everyone can access the tools needed to live their best lives. Thank you!

Costume Shop Now Open at Your Local Goodwill Store

For Those Who Like to Do It Themselves

We have some videos for those who like to DIY.

These projects will transform you (or your home) into something Spooktacular!

Witch Legs

Haunted Statues

Skeleton Shirt

Skeleton Shoes

Wall Decor

Face Masks

Charms & Amulets

Spider Shoes

Spooky Wreath

Build Your Perfect Costume

Ready to create something great but need a little inspiration? We've got you!

We've gathered the elements of some of our most popular Halloween costumes and listed them below. Deck yourself out as the ultimate fairy princess or go for something a little more ghoulish. The final decision is yours!

And, if you looking for something a little different, just ask a Goodwill team member.


Halloween Headquarters Biker ExampleLeather Jacket/Pants/Chaps
♦ T-Shirt
♦ Black/Brown Boots
♦ Leather Gloves
♦ Bandana
♦ Leather Vest
♦ Chain Necklace
♦ Beard/Mustache
♦ Tattoo Sleeve
♦ Biker Hat
♦ Studded Wristband



Halloween Headquarters Cowboy ExamplePlaid/Button-Up Shirt
♦ Tight Jeans
♦ Cowboy Boots
♦ Belt with a Big Buckle
♦ Bandana
♦ Chaps
♦ Toy Gun
♦ Beard/Mustache
♦ Cowboy Hat



Halloween Headquarters Decades ExampleNeon Clothing
♦ Bell-Bottom Jeans
♦ Denim Jacket
♦ Halter Top
♦ Tie-Dye/Flower/Paisley Prints
♦ Fringe/Leather
♦ Suit/Bow Tie
♦ "Mom" Jeans
♦ Sweatbands
♦ Fanny Packs
♦ Beard/Mustache
♦ Makeup



Halloween Headquarters Devil ExampleRed/Black Dress
♦ Black Top/Pants
♦ Black/Red Shoes
♦ Devil Horns/Tail
♦ Pitchfork
♦ Cape
♦ Tights/Fishnets
♦ Fake Blook
♦ Eyelashes
♦ Wig
♦ Makeup



Halloween Headquarters Flapper ExampleShort Dress
♦ Heels
♦ Tights/Fishnets
♦ Long Necklaces/Chokers
♦ Gloves
♦ Pearls/Sequins/Feathers
♦ Big Jewelry
♦ Headband
♦ Wig
♦ Eyelashes
♦ Makeup



Halloween Headquarters Golden Years ExampleNightgown
♦ Long Pants
♦ Cardigan/Button-Up Shirt
♦ Suspenders
♦ Oversized Glasses/Readers
♦ Walker/Cane
♦ Slippers/Loafers
♦ Leather/Tapestry Purse
♦ Bowtie/Cigar/Pearls
♦ Beard/Mustache
♦ Wig
♦ Makeup




Halloween Headquarters Uniform Example

♦ Uniform/Vest
♦ Black/Blue Top
♦ Black/Blue Pants
♦ Black Shoes
♦ Officer Hat
♦ Beard/Mustache
♦ Toy Gun
♦ Handcuffs
♦ Badge



Halloween Headquarters Pirate ExampleWhite Ruffled Shirt
♦ Brown or Black Pants
♦ Brown or Black Boots
♦ Long Leather Jacket
♦ Leather Vest
♦ Pirate Hat
♦ Hook/Sword
♦ Beard/Mustache
♦ Eyepatch
♦ Bandana
♦ Pirate Wig



♦ Overalls
♦ Bandana
♦ Flannel Button-Up Shirt
♦ Cowboy/Work Boots
♦ Straw Hat
♦ Rustic Belt
♦ Fall Floral & Decor
♦ Straw Accessories
♦ Garden Tools
♦ Wicker Basket
♦ Makeup



Halloween Headquarters Steampunk ExampleBrown/Black Pants
♦ Brown/Olive Long Military-Style Coat
♦ Brown/Black/Olive/Red Button-Up Shirt
♦ Boots/High-Tops
♦ Top Hat
♦ Monocle/Goggles
♦ Metal Gears/Accessories
♦ Belts
♦ Cane/Umbrella
♦ Beard/Mustache
♦ Makeup



Halloween Headquarters Tourist ExampleHawaiian Shirt
♦ Beach Shorts
♦ Sandals
♦ Suitcase
♦ Sun Hat/Visor
♦ Sunglasses
♦ Camera
♦ Beach Gear
♦ Fanny Packs
♦ Binoculars
♦ Makeup



Halloween Headquarters Vampire exampleBlack Shirt/Jacket
♦ Black Pants
♦ Red/Black Vest
♦ Black Shoes/Boots
♦ Cape
♦ Vampire Teeth
♦ Fake Blood
♦ Gloves
♦ Wig
♦ Eyelashes
♦ Makeup



Halloween Headquarters Witch exampleBlack Dress
♦ Pointy Black Shoes
♦ Witch Hat
♦ Broom
♦ Cape
♦ Tights/Fishnets
♦ Wig
♦ Corset
♦ Fishnet Gloves
♦ Eyelashes
♦ Long Fingernails
♦ Makeup