Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic means more time spent at home. This is certainly true if you or someone in your family now works from home, or you have children who are attending a virtual classroom. For many families, the spare bedroom or rec room is now being reimagined as an office or classroom. But who has the money for new furniture and decor? If you're like me, times of uncertainty mean avoiding any unnecessary spending and taking in a few notches on the budget belt. This leaves little money for new furniture and other items to complete the in-home office or classroom space.


Here's where Goodwill can help. To begin with: furniture. While many think of Goodwill for gently used fashions, many forget we also have a constantly changing selection of furniture and home decor. Think desks, filing cabinets and chairs. Even a chest of drawers can be repurposed as an organizer for school supplies. At Goodwill, you can also occasionally find plastic tubbies and other items to help you stay organized. Round out the remodel with a desk lamp, some wall art, and other seasonal decor that can add a festive touch.

Finally, if classes for your kids involve elective reading activities, did you realize Goodwill stores have a huge selection of books for all ages?  These often include used textbooks for older students. Who knows? You might save a bundle of money given the price of new textbooks!

Stay tuned as we discuss ideas for Fall. The season is just around the corner and Goodwill can help you "fall into fashion" with unique fall items we've collected throughout the year.

Remember, you never know what you'll find when you shop Goodwill!