Goodwill introduced a new employee development program in 2019 called THRIVE. THRIVE is designed to assist retail store team members in reaching personal and professional goals. Focus areas of the program include:

  • Resource Navigation: Understanding what community supports exist and how to access them.
  • Financial Security: Working on budgeting and reaching financial goals.
  • 21st Century Skill Development: Connecting with training, certification and educational opportunities to improve skills and employment success in today’s workforce.
  • Workplace Growth & Career Development: Exploring personal potential and advancement opportunities.
  • Support System & Relationships: Identifying ways to improve personal relationships and strengthen support systems; learning strategies for dealing with life issues and how to enhance problem-solving skills.

Dustin Schubert – Career Navigator

Goodwill hired two Career Navigators, Dustin Schubert and Nathanael Sprott, to provide direction to the program. THRIVE started with 48 participants located in 10 of our retail stores in the Quad Cities and Cedar Rapids. In the first six months of program operation, our retail team members were successful in accomplishing 213 individual goals.

Schubert shared, “As a Career Navigator, I have witnessed a steady growth in self-efficacy among our participants over the first six months.  It has been a pleasure to work alongside our retail team members to carefully mold a personalized plan to help them attain their work and life goals. Seeing their willingness to take ownership of their finances, taking steps to gain certain skills and moving into desired roles within Goodwill have been the best rewards.”

THRIVE Participant Maria Gilbraith said, “I never would have thought about trying to move up within the company if it wasn’t for the THRIVE program and my Career Navigator making the suggestion and encouraging me.”

Maria Gilbraith – THRIVE Participant

Gilbraith was recently promoted to an Assistant Manager position at the Rock Island Goodwill store. She started at the Bettendorf Goodwill store in 2016 as a Retail Service Specialist. Upon joining the THRIVE program and meeting Schubert, she mentioned how she wanted to move up within the company. Schubert helped her find the open Assistant Manager position and provided helpful tips for the interview process.

“Being an assistant manager, I feel like I’m becoming more confident just as a person,” said Gilbraith “It makes me feel really good. It makes me feel proud to be at Goodwill.”

Goodwill is committed to investing in our greatest asset – our team members.  THRIVE will continue to increase its reach to include more stores and participants as the program grows and develops. Learn more about the program by watching our video: